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Rushlight Magazine Est. 1972 By Joe Graham, The Belfast History Man.

Belfast Born Bred And Buttered By Joe Graham. Now Available.

A History talk at Ballymurphy Library

Joe giving a walking tour of the Old Shankill Graveyard, Belfast's first City Cemetery.

Laying A wreath on the grave of the Patriot Jemmy Hope's Grave at Mallusk

At the Templepatrick grave of the executed Irish patriot, William Orr

A memorial to a slave trader


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The Belfast Quiz with Joe Graham

Test your knowledge of Old Belfast 

“ Kill Piper’s Hill ” is now called .....?

Where was known as “The Place Of Slaughter” ?

Where on the Falls Road was the Headquarters of the Irish Republican Brotherhood(pre 1916). ?

Name the patriotic brothers who owned, and where was, “The Soho Foundry”?

What was the earlier name for Belfast Lough.?

Who was Smith in “ Smithfield” ?

She saved Henry Joy McCracken from the Redcoats. ?

What link had James Lynch to the Family of Henry Joy McCracken. ?

Where are the “Giants Graves” ?

Mill Gate Lane is now known as ... ?

What was the origin of the name for Bridge Street. ?

When was the first major Belfast earthquake reported. ?

Who coined the expression ‘land reclamation’ in old Belfast ?

Where was the last farm in Beechmount ?

Who rented the whole of Ballymacarret for £20. ?

Who owned the last Dairy Farm in West Belfast. ?

In what year was the Long Bridge completed. ?

The Crumlin Picture house was nicknamed ... ?

Where was “The Pool” area on the Falls Road, and why was it so called .?

What was the origin of “Millfield” being so named ?

Carrickfergus Road is now called ...... ?

What connectiuon had Bridget Matthews to Francis Joseph Bigger.?

Where was the Antrim Road in Old Belfast ?

Where was the Butter Market In Old Belfast .?

Where is Armstrong’s Hill, and who was he ?

Where was “Wee Scotland” in old Belfast. ?

He was known as “The Brutus Of Belfast”. ?

Where was Belfast’s first “Sailortown”. ?

This Belfast Parish Priest died in the Belfast Prison. ?

And name the Parish Priest who died  as an informer turned lunatic begging in the back lanes of Old Smithfield.?

Where was Belfast's first Peace Line.?

What were the 'Brickfields' infamous for ?

Who was the Informer priest who was murdered by drowing. ?

In what year was the Farset River in High Street covered over. ?

A notorious family of informers in Old Belfast.?

Where in Belfast was once known as "Wee Belfast"?

The Savoy Picture house was nicknamed ..... ?

Where was the Corporation Bakery in Old Belfast. ?

Berry Street was formerly called .... ?

Name the Parish Priest and the Informer who worked closely together in having chapels built in Belfast. ?

Name two sites used for public flogging in old Belfast.?

Where was the original Belfast ‘Rope Walk’. ?

What prompted Henry Joy McCracken to not trust trust Catholics.?

Recruited in Belfast he later became one of the seven signatories to the 1916 Proclamation.?

The oldest surviving street name in Belfast is .... ?

The earliest name for Donegall Road was ?

What was “Wee Joe’s” ?

The Stranmillis Sandpit was known as a place for ....?

John Ewing, John Holmes, John Brown, and John Hamilton, 1787, Belfast. ?

The earliest name for Andersonstown was .?

The most famous Belfast Catholic Unionist family was ?

Who founded and what was the purpose of the Protestant National Association.?

Why was Little Grosvenor Street so called ?

Where was the original Foresters’ Hall in old Belfast.?

What is the origin of the name “Sorella” Street.

Where was the ‘Looney's Wall” .?

Bowers Hill, (Shankill Road) was earlier known as ...?

Durham Street was originally called .... ?

Where was “Looney Park”. ?

Where was Duncairn Street in Old Belfast ?

Where was and who lived in the “Adam and Eve” house.

Where was referred to and by whom, as “The red brick Gaeltacht"

Where is “The Head Of The Water”

Where was known as “A Place Of Learning” ?

Place the two “Magnetic Hills” in the West Belfast area ??

“Sooty Street” was the nickname for where ?

Where is “Aaron’s Pad" ?

Where was “Elliot’s Row” in Old Belfast.

“Sinclair’s Loanan” is now called ..... ?

Where was known as “Goats Row” ?

Where was the River Rosehead (now piped underground) ?

Where was Squeeze Gut Entry in Old Belfast ?

What was the original name for Sandy Row. ?

Hudsons Entry is now called ..... ?

What is the origin of “Cow Walloper”. ?

Ferguson’s lane has for long now called ... ?

Where was “Casper Curry’s Meadow” in old Belfast.?

Bell’s Lane has long been called .... ?

Manor street was once called ...... ?

“The Plain Of The Lambs is now called ... ?

“Buller’s Field” became the site of ..... ?

“Buttermilk Loney” is now called .. ?

Paradise Row was off .... Street. ?

Quality Row is now called .....

The Pound Loney district was so named because .... ?

Ballymurphy housing estate is so named from ....?

Springhill received its name from ..... ?

Sugarfield Street recieved its name from ..... ?

Name two Irish patriots buried in the Shankill graveyard.

Schoolhouse Lane is now called .... ?

Queens island was originally called ..... ?

Limestone Road was originally called ..... ?

Library Street was originally called ..... ?

Where in old Belfast was Blue Bell Entry..... ?

Fairy Place was an old street off ..... ?

How was Bath Place so named .... ?

Ardilea Street was once named ..... ?

“There she goes neither God nor man can sink her” was said of what ?

What industry did Richard Calwell pioneer in old Belfast. ?

Who did Henry Joy McCracken’s daughter marry . ?

Glenalina Road, Park, etc is named after ... ?

Where and when did Israel Milliken die. ?

Waterford Street, Falls Road, was named after the home town of .... ?

Where was Elbow Entry in Old Belfast ... ?

Mary Bodle was the mother of .....???

Who was Talbot Street named after ....

Ballykiltrodan today is known as ..... ?

Who was “The Belfastman”.....?

The Trade Slave helped which important Belfast Industry .... ?

After Linen in the 18th century what was the next most important trade. ?

Few in 18th Century Belfast merchants was not some how involved in the Slave Trade, true or false. ?

What year was Belfast lighted by Gas.. ?

Lettuce Hill is now called .... ?

Fountain Street was once called ...... ?

Name the newspaper of The United Irishmen, and its Editor was.?

Who were “The Blaris Martyr’s”.... ?

Forest Lane is now called ..... ?

In what year did Belfast become a City .... ?

Howard Street was named after .... and why was it ?

This Crumlin Lawyer was publicly executed in Belfast.?

North Street was once called .... ?

Hercules street, Hercules lane are now called ... ?

The Street of The Flags is now called .... ?

Crooked Lane is now called ... ?

In what year was the Queens Bridge Built. ?

Corn Market was once called .... ?

What street was known as "Quality Row"

What was the former name of Lombard Street. ?

What was the former name of Church Street. ?

Victoria Square was once called ... ?

1,000 people is said to have been killed that night in Belfast .... ?

He was responsible for the eviction of hundreds of Presbryterians small farmers in the mid 1700's?

This priest attended to the Blaris Martyrs at their execution.?

What was a Jaw Box in old Belfast . ?

Victoria Street was originally called .... ?

“Back Of The River” was the early name for which Street.

Which 1916 leader led the Volunteers up the Falls Road with their bayonets fixed to their loaded rifles.?

He had his house burned down by the Hearts Of Steel ?

Where was the race course in old Belfast... ?

He was in charge of the Volunteers who acted as guard of honour at the opening of the original St. Mary's, the first Belfast Catholic Chapel.?

This 18th century Belfastman owned more ships in New York than any one else. ?